Chartwell Legacy

A day away from Chartwell is a day wasted,"
Sir Winston Churchill    

We are often asked about the significance of the name of our firm: The Chartwell Group.

The firm's name is a tribute to the greatest public figure in the last Century, Sir Winston Churchill.

Chartwell was the name of the country home outside of London that Churchill and his wife Clementine acquired in 1922.

Despite being regarded as a house of 'no great architectural merit,' unpretentious Chartwell, sat on a highpoint in the English countryside and Churchill was possessed with its commanding views of England.

Chartwell, translated as "rough ground," and its surroundings was a metaphor for Churchill and his priorities in life, predisposed as he was with his love of country and for her citizens.

His remarkable public life, exhaustively documented by professional and amateur historians, is defined by an unrelenting commitment to the welfare of his country, extraordinary leadership, and unquestioned honorable service, in a life that spanned two centuries.

Churchill is as relevant today as he was when he was alive. The appetite for perspective on Churchill is astonishing with books published on an almost monthly basis.

So what lessons do we take, as founding members of an American public affairs company, from a European public servant, whose zenith as a leader occurred in the early part of the last Century?

Simply put our pledge to our clients, past, present and future is that we will strive to achieve our mutual aims and objectives employing the four traits that are most often associated with this important public figure:

Commitment. Zeal. Principle. Wisdom.

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