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National Press

FOX News FOX Report w/Shephard Smith

GLENDALE, Arizona January 25, 2008 ICX Technologies providing security at Super Bowl XLII...Interview with ICXT President Walker Butler

FOX News The Hunt Report w/Jonathan Hunt

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona October 31, 2009 Firetrace International and FOX's Jonathan Hunt reporting from Firetrace's office in Arizona on how our client's innovative fire suppressing technology should be more widely adopted by our Armed Forces...

FOX News On-The-Record: w/ Greta Van Susteren

SALT RIVER PIMA INDIAN COMMUNITY, Arizona June 18, 2010 Greta Van Susteren visiting ICXT's field demonstration of our border security radar system now in use along the Arizona/Mexico border. Interviewing Chartwell President Larry Pike and ICXT President Walker Butler...

Statewide and Local Press

Arizona Republic

Ground radar may find border crossers

BARRY M. GOLDWATER BOMBING RANGE, March 16, 2005 Susan Carrol reporting on how the Sensor Technologies and Systems ground based radar is keeping border crossers from entering a live gunnery range. "The company hopes that if DHS awards a contract for a pilot program, STS technology could be expanded to the entire length of the border, said Larry Pike, a consultant for Sensor Technologies...

Anthem Daily News

Pioneer Village: A Plan for the Future, Official works to preserve site

By Mica Thomas Mulloy

PIONEER VILLAGE April 25, 2005, A process now underway would annex Pioneer Village into Phoenix city limits. Larry Pike represents Pioneer Village and originally brought the facility's dilemma to Vice Mayor Dave Siebert several months ago.

Larry Pike represents Pioneer Village as a consultant and originally brought the facility's dilemma to Councilman Siebert several months ago.

He said the councilman immediately got on board with Pioneer's preservation and now a positive working group is formed to carry out the process.

"He has been our champion," Mr. Pike said.


Arizona Capitol Times

Possible use of radar, cameras to thwart illegal immigration advances

By Christian Palmer February 21, 2006

In September, Mr. Pike brought Reps. Pearce; House Speaker Jim Weiers, R-10, Steve Tully, R-11, Tom Boone, R-4, Amanda Aguirre, D-24, and Sens. Jim Waring, R-7; and Tim Bee, R-30, to the site to observe the system and be briefed by Marine Col. Ben Hancock on the reported effectiveness of the radar system.

The canceling of training exercises to avoid harming people on the range is costly in terms of money and military preparedness, not to mention dangerous for pilots who must land with unexploded ordnance, said Larry Pike, a lobbyist for Sensor Technologies & Systems, Inc...

East Valley Tribune

Panel approves border radar

February 6, 2006

A state Senate panel voted Thursday to spend $20 million of state tax dollars to lease ground radar systems for one year to help locate and catch people sneaking into the U.S. illegally.

SB1273 is being pushed by Senate Majority Leader Tim Bee. The Tucson Republican said the system, being provided on loan to the Marine Corps by Scottsdale-based Sensor Technologies & Systems Inc., has proven its reliability in southwest Arizona, where the Marines are using it to protect the Barry M. Goldwater Range from intruders, both for the security of the facility as well as to protect civilians who wander into the area.